Frequently Asked Questions? (FAQ's)

1. What is a Thangka painting?
Thangka paintings are traditional Tibetan Buddhist scroll paintings, often depicting deities, mandalas, or scenes from Buddhist mythology. These unique artworks are typically created on canvas or silk.

2.How can Thangka painting help with my meditation journey?

Thangka paintings often depict sacred symbols, deities, and intricate mandalas that hold deep spiritual significance. Many practitioners find that focusing on a Thangka during meditation helps create a serene and centered atmosphere. The intricate details and vibrant colors can aid in concentration and provide a visual anchor for your meditation practice. Additionally, the spiritual themes portrayed in Thangkas may serve as powerful reminders of specific aspects of your spiritual journey, offering inspiration and enhancing the overall meditation experience. Feel free to explore our Meditation Collection for Thangkas specifically curated to support your meditation journey.

3. Are the Thangka paintings handmade?
Yes, all our Thangka paintings are handmade by skilled artists and monks in the Himalayas, ensuring the authenticity and craftsmanship of each piece.

4. Are all Paintings Unique?

Each painting is unique, reflecting the artist's individuality and the nuances of hand-drawn creation. Even when following geometric rules inspired by Buddhist philosophy, subtle differences in brushstrokes and colors ensure distinctiveness. No two paintings are exactly alike.

5. Where are the Paintings made?

Each of these paintings are created by a specific group of specialized artists and monks who are trained in Buddhist literature, Buddhist philosophy and Symbolism. These painting are imported from Tibet and foothills of the Himalayas.

6. How do I choose the right Thangka for me?

Consider your preferences, such as the subject matter, size, and color scheme. You can also explore our categories or contact our customer support for personalized assistance.

7. What materials are used in Thangka paintings?
Traditional Thangka paintings employ mineral pigments sourced from stones, gold leaf for sacred detailing, and natural dyes derived from plants. These are meticulously applied on a canvas or silk base, creating a rich and enduring color palette. Additionally, ink outlines, vegetable-based glue, and decorative brocade borders contribute to the intricate craftsmanship, ensuring each Thangka is a masterpiece of enduring beauty and cultural significance. We ensure high-quality materials in our Thangkas for long-lasting beauty.

8. Can I customize a Thangka painting?
Yes, we offer customization services. Contact our customer support to discuss your preferences, and we'll work with our artists to create a unique piece tailored to your specifications.

9. How are Thangka paintings shipped, and what are the shipping costs?
We ship across the United states using courier services including USPS or Fedex. We offer Free Shipping to all our Customers.

10. What is your return policy?
We have a hassle-free return policy. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, you can return the Thangka within 15 days of receiving it free of charge. Please reach out to us through our Contact Us page for any Returns & Exchanges and we will work with you.

11. Are the colors in the Thangka paintings accurate to what is shown on the website?
While we strive for accuracy in representing colors, please note that variations may occur due to individual monitor settings. Feel free to contact us for additional images or clarification on specific colors.

12. How do I care for my Thangka painting?
Thangkas should be handled with care. Avoid direct sunlight, extreme humidity, and contact with water.

13. Do you offer wholesale or bulk order discounts?
Yes, we offer wholesale and bulk order discounts. Please reach out to our wholesale team through the Contact Us page to discuss your requirements.