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Yellow Jambhala Thangka: Symbol of Prosperity in Buddhist Art

Yellow Jambhala Thangka: Symbol of Prosperity in Buddhist Art

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Embrace the embodiment of prosperity with this authentic Buddhist Art, highlighting "The Yellow Jambhala," a revered figure in Buddhist tradition known for bestowing wealth and abundance. This painting, carefully handcrafted by seasoned Nepalese and Tibetan artisans, showcases the deity in his iconic golden hue, seated regally upon a white lion, symbolizing power and control over wealth. The intricate details from the flowing robes to the benevolent facial expression are brought to life with natural mineral pigments, rich in vibrancy and depth. The backdrop is adorned with auspicious clouds and lotus flowers, signifying purity and enlightenment, inviting a sense of peace and spiritual wealth into your space.


In the realm of Buddhist art, this Thangka is a potent emblem of wealth and benevolence, inspiring generosity and reminding us of the spiritual dimensions of prosperity.

Product Specifications:

  • Type: Hand Painted
  • Materials: Precious Natural Minerals
  • Base: Cotton Canvas
  • Origin: Nepal and Tibet

Note:  Please be advised that we ship exclusively the original paintings, and frames are not included. We encourage you to personalize your framing, or you may consult with us for professional framing options to complement your artwork.

  • Handmade
  • Ethically Sourced
  • 100% Authentic
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